Tuesday, June 16, 2009

www.bing.com top features!

Microsoft has just launched new search engine www.bing.com .
It has become very popular due to many reasons and given Google a hardtime to rethink. Following are few top features.

  • Searchers can choose the best scope for their search query
  • Bing can provide best match and useful links and information
  • Quick Preview of the any website
  • Bing can provide Instant Answers
  • Bing will Auto-Suggest the search queries
  • Bing contains Explore Pane which includes a table of contents of the various Web Groups generated by your search query.

  • Viewing Images and Video in Bing is so easy without pagination
  • Images can be filtered by size, aspect ratio, color, style and face etc
  • Video can be filtered by duration, aspect ratio, resolution or source etc
  • We can search over 16 million videos across the popular video website like MSN, AOL, MTV, ESPN, YouTube, MySpace, Daily Motion, Metacafe and Hulu etc.
  • Bing provides access to your Session History in the Explorer Pane within a single browser session for up to 48 hours
  • We can compare the rankings of favorite celebrity is hot or not using xRank feature
  • Bing Shopping is currently lists products for more than 540 online retailers like Lenovo, HP Home & Home Office Store, Buy.com, Zappos.com Inc etc
  • User-friendly Quick Tabs search results with one click
  • Bing can provide related searches including videos in the search results page.
  • Related Searches are displayed in the left-hand navigation
  • Rich Listing Results which display favorite restaurant location, phone number, one-click directions and menu.
  • Sentiment Extraction feature will summarizes user and expert reviews around the web.
  • Travel information is at your fingertips Ex. Hotel Accommodations, Flight timings etc
  • Bing will provide Instant Answers
  • User can refine the search using Search Refinement functionality
  • Hotel Rate Key feature for color-coded rating system
  • Bing easily provides information about medical, symptoms, diagnosis and medical procedures from nine trusted medical resources like Mayo Clinic, the American Cancer Society and MedlinePlus
  • Bing simplifies tasks and provides great insight
  • So finally main focus of the bing is Health, Local , Shopping , Travel
  • Bing can be accessed through Mobile at http://m.bing.com/
See more details at http://www.toputop.com/blog/microsoft-bing-features/

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