Saturday, June 20, 2009

Powerful Features of HTML 5 - Google I/O 2009

This is very interesting overview of how much powerful HTML 5 is going to be.
Google, Mozilla, Opera and Safari are working together to bring more power to the web.

Here is an over view of video, but i will highly recommend that you should watch the full video.

1) Canvas
In HMTL 5 how easy it will be to control the graphics of browser simply with Java script.
There will be Full 3D objects support.

2) Videos
In HTML 5 there is a new tag called video in order to simply play a video. You just need to specify the URL of video browser takes care of the rest. Plus many more features.

3)Geo Location
In HTML 5 browsers will be able to track you location not only by IP. But also using Wifi connection or Cell phone ID & mobile network .

3) Offline Availability of Web Data (App Cache Database)
HTML 5 has built in support of application cache in case you are disconnected or go offline you will be still able to interact with you apps.

4)Background Process
Most powerful thing in HTML 5 is that you can create background process, so that user experience is smooth.

5)Google Web Tool Kit
Google web tool kit is easy way to go ahead with HTML 5 as along with other more features it automatically take care of web browser and render the Java Script accordingly.

6)Google Web Elements
I think its very good idea that applying AddSens, Youtube Video Embed technique to all other services of googles like google news etc.


  1. Yes this is going to be amazing. I think Google is doing pretty good in this.

  2. Goo show Mr Mubi, Keep it up!