Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Load balancing - help me choose (Preview) - Diagram

 Microsoft Azure provide various load balancing services such as Azure Front Door, Traffic Manager, Application Gateway, Azure Load Balancer.

For you to decide what is the best service for you depending on your scenario can be quite difficult, if you are not aware how each service work. Therefore we have created little wizard in Azure (i.e. Load balancing - help me choose) that will help you to pick the right service. This wizard ask you bunch of simple questions and determine what is best solution for you. You can use the Azure Load Balancing page in the Azure portal to help you guide to the right load-balancing solution for your business need.

I have created following decision flow diagram that is based on the very same wizard flow in Azure portal. You can visually see all options at the same time. I hope this would be helpful for you, you can even print it and have it handy when needed :)