Monday, July 1, 2019

Microsoft for Healthcare Demo

Teams, Azure IoT, AI, ML, Power BI, Dynamics 365, Flow & Virtual Agents (Bots)
Demo Timestamps:
1:43 Demonstration background
3:02 Microsoft Teams for Healthcare
3:15 Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365 for Healthcare
3:55 Dynamics 365 Patient 360
4:05 Risk Ratings using Azure Machine Learning AI
4:45 Azure IoT for Health
5:05 Power BI with Dynamics 365
6:52 HEDIS Measures
7:32 Dynamics 365 Playbooks for Healthcare
10:01 Power BI Analytics for Care Coordination
11:32 Dynamics 365 Marketing - Segmentation for Healthcare
12:32 Dynamics 365 Marketing - Patient Care Journey
13:00 SMS Text Message for Patient Outreach
13:59 Virtual Agent (Bot) for Patient Care Coordination
15:51 Mobile Virtual Care using Xamarin, Dynamics 365, Azure & Flow
16:36 Microsoft Bot Framework for Patient Coordination
17:02 Mobile way finder with Xamarin & Azure
19:11 Unified Service Desk for Healthcare
20:07 Smart Scheduling with Kyruus 
20:55 Electronic Medical Record Integration
21:10 Physician Scheduling
21:48 Transportation scheduling (Uber & Lyft)


-Marc Schweigert
-Jean-Paul Mehanna
-Satish Thomas & Ryan Martin
-Chris Stedman
-Chris Stedman
Episode 13Dynamics 365 CRM Online vs On Premises: The Customer Advantages of Online & The Microsoft Cloud 
- Zandy Garrard
Episode 14) Demo - ‘Delivering Intelligent Service with Azure IoT, Microsoft Power Apps, Dynamics 365 & Flow’ 
-Jack Bender
– Geoff Innis
–Scott Sewell
- Edgar Wilson II & Matthew C. Anderson


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