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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mubi's Rover With Live Video Streaming...

A Rover project with Live streaming from on board camera and controlled from Tahoe-II board. Commands can be sent from Tahoe-II board (hosting a .net application) to I-BOX Microcontroller using XBEE and same medium is used for I-BOX to stream video from onboard camera to Tahoe-II built-in LCD module.

Rover will be equiped with onboard...

1. Infrared distnace sensor
2. Two surfacce color detector
3. Touch sensor
4. VGA Camera
5. X-BEE Module
6. Light detector

Host applicaiton to control and monitor the mission is developed using...

1. VS.Net 2008
2. .Net Microframework 3.0
Tahoe-II is connected via USB to deploy application on to the board. Board has touch screen which make application very intteractive. Latter it can communicate wirlessly with controlle using X-Bee.

I hope this technology will be mature enough in next couple of years. Then we will be able to take part in Google's Lunar Lander Challenge :).