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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Microsoft Amalga

Advancing understanding of your organization’s performance drivers.

Microsoft Amalga brings historically disparate data together and makes it easy to identify and act on insights into clinical, financial, or operational performance.


Microsoft Amalga centralizes digital information of all types into a single, continually updated repository that is available for analysis and data sharing.

Microsoft Amalga helps answer questions like these:

How can we use one centralized system to improve operational performance across our enterprise?

How can we get usable reports faster?

How can we create a simpler process for managing CMS quality measures that helps minimize abstraction time and redundant reviews?

How can we help ensure our organization is properly reimbursed for patients admitted from the Emergency Department?

With extensive data readily available, you are empowered to:

Drive information exchange. Amalga, an enterprise health intelligence platform, enables information sharing and adoption across the organization supporting meaningful use and promoting better outcomes. Amalga provides the strategic foundation that not only supports today’s requirements but also provides you the flexibility and confidence for meeting tomorrow’s demands.

Proactively manage care. With the ability to analyze across patient populations in context, you can gain a better understanding of cause and effect, dependencies, and ramifications across a system. This triggers more actionable intelligence and helps more effectively identify the linkages between care, costs, and outcomes so you can more proactively manage chronic disease and other "at risk" patients.

Get a more complete view of every patient. By aggregating ambulatory and inpatient medical records in a common data store, Amalga delivers a single view of a patient’s medical history across the care continuum. The data can then be viewed from different perspectives—from an individual to a cohort, from the micro level to the macro level—in a single view.

Empower your people. Amalga empowers your staff to test new concepts and unlock potentially new approaches for delivering better care. No matter where the source of data is located—whether it’s encapsulated in existing systems or newly generated via the tools in Amalga—users can find, combine, and analyze data on demand. And the customizable interface enables your staff to view information in new ways now and in the future.