Sunday, January 3, 2021

Azure Traffic Manager vs App Gateway vs Front Door vs Load Balancer


Some of the key features and difference between Azure Traffic Manager, App Gateway, Front Door and Load Balancer.

Traffic Routing methods.

Traffic Manager:
  • Priority (default and backup endpoints)
  • Weighted (distribute across endpoints)
  • Performance (nearest endpoint)
  • Geographic (geography controlled for GDPR etc)
  • Subnet (endpoints base don IP)
  • Multi-value (multiple ends available)

Front Door:
  • Latency (least latency endpoint)
  • Priority (primary then secondary)
  • Weighted (based on endpoint weight)
  • Session Affinity (same endpoint per session)

Application Gateway:
  • Multiple site hosting
  • URL routing
  • Redirection
  • Rewrite HTTP headers and URL

Decision Tree:

Reference Architecture Examples:

The following table lists various architecture reference articles based on the load-balancing services used as a solution.

Load BalancerLoad balance virtual machines (VMs) across availability zonesLoad balance VMs across availability zones helps to protect your apps and data from an unlikely failure or loss of an entire datacenter. With zone-redundancy, one or more availability zones can fail and the data path survives as long as one zone in the region remains healthy.
Front DoorSharing location in real time using low-cost serverless Azure servicesUse Azure Front Door to provide higher availability for your applications than deploying to a single region. If a regional outage affects the primary region, you can use Front Door to fail over to the secondary region.
Application GatewayIaaS: Web application with relational databaseLearn how to use resources spread across multiple zones to provide a high availability (HA) architecture for hosting an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) web application and SQL Server database.
Traffic ManagerMulti-tier web application built for high availability and disaster recoveryDeploy resilient multi-tier applications built for high availability and disaster recovery. If the primary region becomes unavailable, Traffic Manager fails over to the secondary region.
Azure Front Door + Application GatewayMultitenant SaaS on AzureUse a multi-tenant solution that includes a combination of Front Door and Application Gateway. Front Door helps load balance traffic across regions and Application Gateway routes and load-balances traffic internally in the application to the various services that satisfy client business needs.
Traffic Manager + Load BalancerMulti-region N-tier applicationA multi-region N-tier application that uses Traffic Manager to route incoming requests to a primary region and if that region becomes unavailable, Traffic Manager fails over to the secondary region.
Traffic Manager + Application GatewayMulti-region load balancing with Traffic Manager and Application GatewayLearn how to serve web workloads and deploy resilient multi-tier applications in multiple Azure regions, in order to achieve high availability and a robust disaster recovery infrastructure.