Thursday, May 3, 2012


With Way2Care, physicians and other caregivers can roam throughout a defined work area and sign on to different workstations simply by tapping their badge against a workstation card reader. Way2Care can even use the same badge that’s used for building access—making that one ID card the only ID card your employees carry.

How Way2Care works as an advanced authentication solution

This streamlined solution for advanced authentication is created specifically to keep healthcare organizations in compliance, enabling hospital IT personnel to simultaneously lock down the desktop while supporting and enhancing clinical workflows.
Works with your existing badges.
The solution provides support for a wide variety of proximity card technologies including HID Prox, HID iCLASS, Casi-Rusco Prox, Indala Prox, Kantech, AWID, Mifare, and others.
Centrally controlled authentication grace periods.
The duration of the grace period is centrally controlled and can be set for the enterprise or by workstation group.
One tap to lock/log-off.
The solution can be configured to lock the workstation or require sign out of all applications gracefully with the tap of a badge.
Simplifies re-authentication.
The physician or nurse can simply tap their proximity badge on the reader to log on. If the authentication grace period has expired, a two-part authentication is then required.