Thursday, May 3, 2012


Uniquely designed for healthcare, proVision enables organizations to automatically provision applications and easily create user accounts for employees and outside users who require access to computer resources. proVision provides near real-time status of a user’s electronic identities and includes rich delegation features to enable self-service capabilities for non-technical users. Simply put, proVision allows IT administrators to effectively track users and application accounts across the enterprise.

How proVision works as an identity management solution

proVision requests can be completed the same day.
Turnaround time on provisioning requests can be reduced from weeks to the same day.
Supports security and audit ratings.
Minimizes risk of unauthorized access by imposing consistent processes for managing system users.
Low IT costs and support.
Keep hands-on IT support and errors low with a consistent provisioning process for all computer users.
Supports compliance efforts.
Organizations can implement privacy policies that adhere to HIPAA, JCAHO, and other regulatory compliance. With comprehensive “fine-grain" provisioning, proVision makes it possible to automatically provision applications from corporate e-mail to the most complex clinical systems, with the necessary account attributes.

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