Thursday, May 3, 2012

Microsoft Vergence

Vergence minimizes the tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone activities of signing on to each application and then searching for the patient’s record in each application. Vergence privacy auditor can be added to provide a centralized audit capability that tracks access of each patient’s electronic record independent of the specific applications used.

How Vergence works as a clinical workstation solution

Single sign-on
Enables caregivers to enter their enterprise directory credentials once in order to gain access to any application.
Fast user switching
Clinicians can quickly and confidently share workstations—knowing that they will have quick and proper access to the applications and records they individually need.
Streamlines tasks such as ordering and administering medications or signing clinical documentation—all while accommodating any re-authentication needs.
Context management
Enables caregivers to select the patient of interest once, in any application, in order to tune all applications to the same patient—saving time and minimizing the risk of mixing patient data.
Role-based access and a familiar desktop
A role-based toolbar called Launchpad standardizes the look and feel of diverse workstations across the enterprise. This helps standardize the user experience throughout the day.
Patient-centric system navigation
A drop-down list of recently viewed patients can be used for selecting a patient’s record for viewing across multiple applications.

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