Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pocket Projector for iPhone

pocket projector case  for iPhone
Pocket Projector for iPhone is available at a price of $230 only, though it is more worthy than its price tag. Just put your order to company’s site and the projector-case- box will be shipped to you within a week.
That 50-inch image projected buy this magical case would require about 8 feet of empty space to get benefit, as noted by Macworld’s Dan Frakes, who have spent sometime with this cute and remarkable iPhone case.
Frakes notes that the images created by the built-in projector are truly quite excellent, although a dark room is als required to make the best use of this absolutely mini DLP Pico chip.
If you are desirous to pick this Pocket Projector right now, you can put your order through Brookstone official site.

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