Thursday, January 14, 2010

POB-Bot Lite II

The POB-Bot Lite is a complete robot assembling all the POB-Technology’s know-how.

It provides a mechanical base on which an intelligent color camera, a screen, and I/O management board are mounted.

A CD-Rom with examples and development tools, a serial cable for your PC are also provided.

The POB-Bot has been designed with an open architecture allowing any kind of customization (electronics, mechanical and software).

Modules communicate via the very fast POB Bus. An I2C Bus is also available.

Except the the graphical screen, all POB robot parts can be used in other robots than ours.

You program the POB-Eye (colour camera) which pilot the other robot parts.

For example, you can add to the POB-Bot Lite :

Sensors on the front of the robot

Integrate servomotors to create an arm or motorize sensors

Add robot parts

Or add...your imagination !!!

The POB-Bot is the first robot totally open for users, as well for mechanical, electronics as software.

The softwares, RISBEE for starters and the POB-Tools for higher skilled users, make POB-Bot an excellent pedagogical support for different teaching levels from high schools to engineering schools.

You can use your robot with given examples or let your imagination go freely by developing new behaviors or adding electronics to increase capabilities and give new horizons to your robot.


1x POB-Eye II
1x POB-LCD128
1x POB-Proto
1x Tank Kit
The POB's Mechanical base
1 serial cable and 1 CD-ROM including compilors, softwares, examples and documentation.
USB/Serial Adapter

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