Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Windows Embedded NavReady Overview

The next generation of portable navigation devices

Windows Embedded NavReady provides OEMs with powerful, innovative technologies to help them quickly bring to market smart, connected, service-oriented hand held portable navigation devices that can easily connect to online services, Bluetooth capable mobile phones, Windows-based PCs, and the Internet.

Features at a glance:

FootprintSmall Footprint (new componentized technologies that can be quickly incorporated into CE 5.0 designs)
Real-time OS:32-bit Native Real-Time Support Unified Kernel
Real-time OS:Customized Win 32 Applications
TrialAdds new components to existing Windows CE 5.0 platform builder installations (trial or full packaged product)
SupportSame support and product lifecycle as technologies released with Windows CE 5.0.
Windows Embedded CE Development Center (MSDN). Partner Resources.

Quickly build new connected PND devices that easily interact with Bluetooth phones, online services and Windows-based PCsHelp lower development costs and accelerate time to market by providing leading familiar development environments and world-class supportTap into a worldwide community of Windows Embedded experts

Power your devices with connectivity

Windows Embedded NavReady helps you quickly build portable navigation devices that provide end users with smart, connected, service oriented scenarios:

  • Key Bluetooth technologies
    NavReady enables rich hands-free scenarios, managed dial-up networking services, and a host of other Bluetooth features

  • Live Search For Devices
    The power to perform Live Search queries from the device to find Points of Interest, and much more.

  • Desktop-pass-through
    Enables applications on the device to establish desktop-pass-through connections to online services and the internet when the device is connected to a Windows-Based PC that has ActiveSync/WMDC installed and internet connection.

  • Windows SideShow
    Helps bring new experiences to PNDs via a connection to Many Windows Vista based PC’s*

  • MSN Direct
    Enables OEMs to incorporate MSN Direct technologies. These technologies can reduce users’ commute time while enhancing the travel experience by providing up-to-date information such as traffic alerts and fuel prices. To learn more details about MSN Direct, please visit: http://www.msndirect.com/Partners.aspx
Find out more about NavReady features from these white papers:

Build your devices with confidence

Windows Embedded NavReady helps device makers lower development costs and accelerate time to market by providing innovative technologies in a familiar and reliable development environment. You can use this platform with confidence because:

  • Windows Embedded NavReady helps protect the investment made by OEMs, partners, and SV’s on Windows CE 5.0 by providing new technologies in componentized form that can be quickly incorporated into new or existing CE 5.0 designs and helping accelerate their time to market.Your investment is protected. NavReady is delivered in componentized form so that it can be quickly incorporated into your new or existing Windows CE 5.0 designs.
  • Windows CE 5.0 developers will be able to download Windows Embedded NavReady components directly onto their workstations, and take immediate advantage of these innovative PND-focused technologies.
  • Windows Embedded NavReady components have the same world class support and product lifecycle as all technologies released with Windows CE 5.0

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