Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tahoe-II Development Board

Finnaly i got Tahoe-II Development Board today, thanks to my boss
Dr. Ahmed Javad, who has alway encouraged me to
welcome the new technology. Next couple of weekends will be very
interesting working on it.
The Tahoe-II development platform is the ideal place to start when developing small, smart, connected devices. Featuring the .NET Micro Framework, you have the hardware and software tools to get your project done faster than ever before.
Through its fully integrated Visual Studio experience, the .NET Micro Framework brings a reliable and productive development environment to the world of embedded development. Complex applications can be developed and debugged faster by leveraging the powerful emulator and Visual Studio’s debugging capabilities. The familiar development environment also enables .NET
 desktop programmers to work easily on embedded projects.
The Tahoe- features a 3.5” touch-screen LCD, wired and wireless networking, USB function for interfacing to PCs, an accelerometer for innovative sensing and user interface applications. When you need to prototype a new device, the Tahoe-II has easy access to an array of expansion options; including serial ports, I2C, SPI and plenty of GPIO.   
The Tahoe-II is built around the Meridian CPU, while features a Freescale i.MXS ARM9 processor, 4Mbytes of Flash, 8Mbytes of RAM. Moving from prototype to production is simple with the Meridian CPU. The Meridian CPU and the .NET Micro Framework are ideal for applications such as; industrial automation, home automation, healthcare, consumer devices, retail point-of-sale, PC peripherals, and automotive applications.
Specifiaction of Tahoe-II

  • Meridian CPU (ARM920 @ 100MHz, 4Mbytes Flash, 8Mbytes SDRAM)
  • 3.5” Landscape TFT LCD with touch-screen
  • 9 user input buttons
  • RS232 serial (DB9)
  • USB Function
  • Ethernet
  • Accelerometer, with support for event notification including free-fall detection
  • SD Card interface
  • Temperature sensor and 2x ADC channels
  • Interface for XBee wireless module (and additional ADC channels if fitted)
  • PWM output
  • Expansion connectors that expose GPIO, I2C, SPI and UART signals

The Tahoe-II supports version 3.0 of the .NET Micro Framework.  A Board Support Package (BSP) for use with the Porting Kit is under develpment for advanced users.
You can find out more detials about it on ...

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